The Story Behind the Sign (a Kiva Loan for Maria)

Whenever someone sells a house, there’s usually a compelling life story behind it.  Maybe a new baby or a new job.  Maybe someone’s been saving up for years and waiting to move to a new house, a different neighborhood, and now the moment has come.

And then there are the stories that are more sadness than excitement.  Another foreclosure.  A lost job.  A decision between keeping a house you love or paying medical bills.  A lot of our friends and neighbors here in Richmond have those stories.  More than you might think.

When you see a For Sale sign in someone’s yard as you’re driving around today, what do you think the story is behind that sign?  Chances are, it’s a compelling one.

Last month, I helped my friend and colleague Kelly Blanchard sell a house with a story.  But not the fun, “we’re selling our house because I got a promotion and our dream house just came on the market” type of story.  The other kind.  A house being sold out of necessity- out of loss.

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So today, with that story on my mind, I’m making my Kiva loan for that house to Maria, in Nicaragua.  She’s a single mom who is responsible for the care of 4 other people.  In many developing countries around the world, once you get into debt, it is impossible to get out.  Exorbitant interest rates and even the threat of violence comes with debt.   That weight is a heavy one for a single mother.  This single mom needs to pay off some loans, and she needs an honest loan to do it.

Thanks to the people who responded to the last Kiva loan I made, and to the people who made their first $25 Kiva loan last week!  I’ve added a dollar on to Maria’s loan on behalf of each of you.


Why do I give a loan whenever someone in Richmond buys or sells their house with me?  You might be surprised.  Click here to learn.

Right now, Maria has 22% of the amount she needs to pay off her high interest debt.  Why not help her meet her goal?   The RealRVA Lending team is for people who want to loan money to folks in developing countries because we realize that we are lucky to have the access to loans and financial services that we do.

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Lend to Maria and other struggling entrepreneurs like her.



Jay McGee used to live in Southeast Asia, doing language research and literacy development. Now he’s a Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty. He gives a microloan to somebody in a developing country every time someone in Richmond buys or sells their home with him.


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