Top 10 Value-Boosting Projects (#4)

Hi Friends.  There is so much inspiration out there.  So many pictures and great ideas.  I’m doing 2 posts a day this week to fit them in, going through the top 10 Value Boosting  projects for your home.

#4 on the list of Cost vs. Value Projects for your Home is…



A Deck Addition.

I took down one of the wall/railings of my 4 sided deck this summer and opened it up with a ten foot wide stairway.  It was a great decision.  Here is where the wall used to be:

Now we have a wide staircase that goes down into the back yard.  Not having one wall there and adding 10″ of length for the first stair gave the deck a much bigger feel.  Plus we have a new way to access our backyard.  It has totally changed the way we use the deck and shifted the focus of our yard from one side of the house to the other.

decks encourage sharing


Decks promote love between siblings

The other great thing about a deck project is that with a lot of DIYers successfully take on the project themselves, and that can save a whole lot of money.

This Old House is a great resource to the DIY spirit who is thinking about tacking a home improvement project.  Here they have a great article on things to consider before building your deck.

For your inspiration…




The fire pit deck…



This has to be one of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen…



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