Top 10 Value-Boosting Projects #5

Not unlike some people, the most boring project on the list just happens to be the most responsible one…


Replacement Windows.

They increase energy efficiency and save you money over time, and buyers notice them when your house is on the market.  If you have a really old house with nightmare windows that are drafty and painted shut, this project could really pay off.

Buyers love seeing new windows and imagining all the money they will save.

Here’s the ironic thing: if you are really into saving money on energy efficient heating and cooling, you’ll want to check out other parts of a house long before you put in new windows.

Number 1 with a bullet is a well insulated attic/roof.  Heat rises.  Your new windows won’t be helping you out very much in your old house that is not well insulated- especially up top.


Jay McGee used to live in Southeast Asia, doing language research and literacy development. Now he’s a Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty. He gives a microloan to somebody in a developing country every time someone in Richmond buys or sells their home with him.  Learn why here.

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