Top Value-Boosting Projects #6

The number 6 project on the Cost vs. Value Report is…

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Siding Replacement

Again, not the sexiest project out there.  But let’s look at the trend.  The highest ranked cost vs. value projects for you home have all been things that you can see from the outside.

Curb appeal.  The statistics back up what the psychologists say; first impressions make a huge difference.

When you look at at any given house from the outside, roughly 70% of what you are taking in is facade.  The brick or the siding or the stucco or whatever.

Blah siding is just kind of… blah.  It won’t make an impression.  BUT… not making an impression is itself a first impression.  You notice siding that sticks out.






Lots of different options.  Not every one is appropriate for every home.




If your siding is paintable and it’s not heavily damaged, some new paint and a good color scheme might be all you need to get the same result at a fraction of the price.



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