Top 10 Value Boosting Projects #7

I’m doing 2 posts a day to go through the top 10 projects that get you the most return for your money. Remember- Real Estate markets are different in different cities and regions around the country. These top 10 projects are specific to Richmond, VA.

#7 is begins a shift from the exterior to the interior…



A Finished Attic.

Storage space is nice, but living space is better.

Here is what you need to know about finishing your attic:

Follow the “Rule of 7’s.”  In most parts of the country, your attic will have to comply with these standards:

  • At least half of the ceiling space must be at least 7 ft high
  • and this area must be at least 7 feet wide
  • and 70 sq. feet.

Have an architect verify that the structure can handle a “living space” weight load.  Few unfinished attics were meant to be used as living space by the contractor who built the house.  The framing used in the house might not be sufficient to handle the increased weight of people + furniture.

If your attic framing isn’t able to handle a finished space weight load, it doesn’t mean that your dream of a finished attic is dead.  But it does mean that you’ll have to hire a contractor to reinforce the framing to ensure your attic structure is strong, safe, and up to code.

Trust me; you do not want to have a structural code issue when you sell your house.

For your Inspiration:



Create a focal point at the top of the stairway.  This floor to ceiling built-in makes a great first impression.



















If you have floor space that is too short for standing, turn it into storage space.









I thought this was a brilliant and interesting use of space.












Have some visitors that need to stop?

4 twin beds, end to end, up top.

(been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss to Sam lately)





















The cozy attic retreat.  I love wood stoves.











Create an awesome and interesting bathroom.














Turn a safety necessity into a stunning focal point.











And most importantly- whatever you do- DO NOT paint the sloping ceiling the same color as the walls.  It will make the room feel much smaller.  If it’s not perfectly vertical, consider it ceiling when it comes to paint.








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