“Jay went above and beyond to get our house closed on the scheduled day. We had a lot of moving parts (forclosed home, renovation loan) and Jay helped us through all of them. We especially appreciate him following up with the power company on close day to make sure we were ready to get our house.  He was patient through the search process when we wanted to look at many houses and worked to understand our “wants” in a house. We really appreciate all he did for us.”

-Megan and Christof in Woodland Heights


“Jay helped us purchase a beautiful historic home in the Museum District.  This home is special bc this is where we will start our life together.  We had an awesome experience with Jay and would certainly recommend him to you!  Here’s a few reasons why:

  • PATIENCE: As first time home buyers, we were worried we might misunderstand a step, miss a deadline, or be taken advantage of.  Jay was super patient and thoughtful in explaining the home buying process.  We knew exactly what to expect at every point of the home buying experience.  As a result, we experienced less ambiguities, uncertainties, and stress.
  • EXPERIENCE: At one point during the home buying process, we thought to ask for x dollars below the original asking price.  Jay with his experience and excellent read on the seller, circumstance, and condition of the house recommended that we ask for double what we intended below the original asking price.  It turns out he was right and the seller went for it.  He really helped us save some money that can now be used towards upgrades! 
  • NETWORK: We didn’t just work with Jay.  He had a whole team that he recommended to include a loan officers, home inspectors, lawyer, and others.  The loan officer quickly processed our pre-approval letter to beat out other bidders.  The home inspector was very thorough and didn’t leave a corner of the house unchecked or undocumented.  The lawyer was nice, articulate, and helpful in explaining every line item of charge.
  • HUMBLE: The aforementioned qualities really make Jay a rock star to work with but one top of that, what we really enjoyed is Jay’s humility.  He is kind, soft spoken, and laid back but he is certainly sharp, reliable, and aggressive when necessary.  After he helped us purchase our home, he helped to make a micro finance loan through kiva.org to someone who really needed it.
  • BEARD: Jay sports a scruffy beard sometimes.  We believe the beard gives him super powers.  Another great reason to work with Jay.
Again, we highly recommend you give Jay a call.  Wishing you all the best during your home buying experience.


-Mike and Tara in Museum District

“Jay was everything we thought a real estate agent was not: patient, kind, thoughtful, attentive, good listener, wise, insightful, all with a dry sense of humor.  He learned about us and quickly identified our tastes in homes.  We were moving from out of state, and he was super flexible to accommodate our wacky schedules.  He looked after our best interest–not his commission.  We felt cared for and protected through the whole process.”

-Eric and Sarah in Church Hill


“Jay is helping us to sell our house and to buy another house in the area. He is knowledgeable about the local real estate market, financing, and energy efficiency. As a buyer’s agent he has been able to help my husband and I to find multiple options, and to move forward with the best offer based on market research. He is a skilled negotiator. Representing us as seller’s, Jay helped us to promote our house well. He is great with following up with other realtors who have shown our house and then relaying information back to us. We have been very pleased with the way that Jay has worked with us through this time of selling and buying a house.”

-April and Kyle  in Byrd Park


“Jay helped us buy a house, we never felt like he was trying to sell us a house.  Jay appreciates old houses and he is very knowledgeable about construction, energy efficiency, aesthetics, business, and the local real-estate market in Richmond.  Jay will never plaster his car with slogans or large pictures so to honor that I will write my own slogan for Jay: “Get out of the fray, go with Jay!”

-Richard and Eniko in Church Hill





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